Shake Shack

Seasonal Beverage Trio

Offer ends June 30, 2021today Offer ended

Shake Shack announces the newest seasonal sips, Mango Passionade, Strawberry Salted Limeade and Blackberry Lychee Lemonade. All made with real fruit, real sugar + ice—that’s it! Pro-tip: You can order any of these limited-time lemonades as a Fifty/Fifty (half organic iced tea)! 

Guests can order through the Shack App  or

Menu Items Include:

  • Mango Passionade: Real mango + passion fruit mixed with Shack-made lemonade
  • Strawberry Salted Limeade: Real strawberry + salted lime zest mixed with Shack-made lemonade
  • Blackberry Lychee Lemonade: Real blackberry + lychee mixed with Shack-made lemonade