SAS Cupcakes

SASney World Celebration

Offer ends September 18, 2021today Offer ended

Mark your calendar for the SASney World Celebration at SAS Cupcakes! Visit the shop September 14-18 as SAS Cupcakes turns into the “happiest place on earth” with cupcakes, trust, & Pixie Dust!

Guests can enjoy fun photo booths, giveaways, and asupercalifragalisticexpialidocious line up of treats for Princesses & Princes to enjoy! Come dressed up for this fun occasion to be entered into our Photo Contest!

No pre-order required for: Cupcakes, Cake Shakes, Cake Pops, Macarons, Cakesicles, Candy, Rice Crispies, & Floats. It’s more magical to pick out from the case!

Anytime between open to close. While supplies last.